We help organizations operationalize analytics to derive business value. Our approach revolves around the deep analysis of current strategies & future trends.

At a glance

We engineer and augment analytical technologies that power services for both the advertising and social industries. By leveraging predictive analytics, we are able to create detailed hypotheses on user-intent and increase the opportunity of engagement.

How we differ

We understand big data and it's importance in business intelligence. Analyzing big data in seconds unlocks never-before-seen capabilities, building a deeper understanding of customers into operations.

Technologies We Use
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We are programmers with a fixation on Big Data. We aim to hire entrepreneurial engineers who have experience with both SQL, NOSQL and realtime databases, a performance-driven attitude towards database development, a strong Computer Science background, and a continuing desire to learn and grow as a developer.

We don't just crunch numbers - we identify, run, and grow new lines of business. Our cutting-edge tools help dig through petabytes of data to run tests, develop ideas, and create products from scratch.

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